The Conscious Change Workbook by Tifani Wagner

The Conscious Change Workbook

Helping You Create Change Without Overwhelm
This workbook is a self-paced guide of reflection questions and exercises that walks you through the process of making conscious change in an empowered way.

The 4-Step Reflection Phase gets you in the practice of observing yourself and identifying exactly what it is you'd like to change, bringing to light the habits and behaviors that are no longer serving you.

In the 5-Day Action Phase, you take observation to the next level and begin implementing new action.

Self-Paced means you are the authority here, so feel free to break up the steps as you see fit. You may need more time in the Reflection Phase, or you may want to stretch out one of the steps in the Action Phase. This is a flexible tool that will meet you exactly where you are.

  • Journal and Pen
    • Can print out the workbook
    • Can use your own journal or notebook
    • Will be used for your sit down reflection time
  • Note-taking or voice recording app on your phone or tablet
    • For recording events throughout the day
    • If carrying a journal around is convenient, that'll work too

The change process doesn't have to be overwhelming and I'd love to show you how.


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Tifani Wagner is an Immersive Meditation Leader, Energy Healer, and Coach. She helps Clarity-Seeking Thinkers get out of their head and into their heart, decreasing overwhelm so they can confidently move forward in reaching their personal goals.